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Brilliant White Outdoor Kitchen - Blairgowrie VIC

Posted by Kaitlyn Rogers on 5/17/17 6:46 PM

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Inspiration Corner

A recently completed project in Blairgowrie is our latest design inspiration from our outdoor kitchens catalogue. 

With an elegant and stylish aesthetic, our kitchen was the perfect addition to a modern and beautiful home.  Our client was in the process of selling their home, deciding the investment of an outdoor kitchen to be the best sales tool to add value to their home. 

Just minutes from the beach, the home owners also have a pool area just before their outdoor kitchen, creating a perfect outdoor space for this beachside Australian home.

The colour scheme of white on white compliments the warm timber panelled wall. A line of stainless steel as a splashback is not only an elegant edition, it protects the timber from the heat of the BBQ. Practical. 

Below we go into a bit more detail around the appliances and materials used in this project.


LimeTree Alfresco Melbourne


Signature Proline 6 Burner Lid Built-in

1053w x 540d x 42h (mm) 

"With it's distinctive linear design, Beefeater's Signature Proline Barbecue is sure to impress".

This barbecue is definitely a show piece. The Proline fits seamlessly into your bench top with it's cutting edge style and "a top class range of innovative features". The Proline isn't just focused on it's looks, the grill is never slow to heat up, maintains superior heat retention to provide quality cooking results consistently for the life of the barbecue. This effort

LimeTree Alfresco

less entertaining allows you to easily cater to any number, large or small of your friends and family, every time. The cast elements are also really simple to maintain and keep clean. 

Intuitive controls are designed to suit your bench or work space, featuring power level indicators to eliminate any guesswork involved to ensure perfect results every time. 

The six burns are also an component that strives for high quality results. Ensuring precise heat distribution for peace of mind knowing your food will be cooked evenly, every time. 


LimeTree Alfresco Melbourne


190 L Double Door Outdoor Display Fridge. 

865w x 495d x 850h (mm) 

The fridge used in this project is designed for outdoor use. Beefear have tested their fridges to 43c in the 

LimeTree Alfrescoshade and have a 304 grade stainless steel finish, making it ideal for use in an outdoor environment. The glass doors are ideal for viewing the contents of your fridge leisurely without worrying about letting all the cool air out. Bright LED lights also benefit, illuminating all of your beverages and foods for much easier visibility

Available in three different configurations, the Outdoor Display Fridge has external electronic controls that allow you to set the temperature with a range between 0C - 10C. Condensation isn't a concern, the glass doors are double glazed, as well as insulated and heated.

The Double Door Outdoor Display Fridge has an IPX4 rating. 

For more information on all things bar fridges check out our first and second part posts for everything you need to know. 




LimeTree Alfresco Melbourne


Corian Glacier White Bench top

Corian is "renowned for exceptional versatility, beauty and almost limitless applications."

You can easily see why Corian is a reliable material we recommend for our custom outdoor kitchens. Corian also carries a 10 year UV warranty, so not only providing us with the versatility needed for all our custom design, they also guarantee your bench top will maintain its beautiful appeal for the life of your kitchen. 


Key Features: 


Corian's colours and textures aren't just a coating over the top of the material, but actually run through the entire thickness so it cannot wear away, making the surface incredibly durable and easy to live with. Another testament to Corian's sustainability against wear and tear is the material can't delaminate. Resisting all of the bumps and bruises an outdoor kitchen bench top will come into during its time. 


In saying that, if something was to scratch "surfaces in DuPont Corian are renewable, meaning they can be fully restored". A cloth and a mild cleaner will buff out any imperfections, without needed any strenuous alternatives. And if any real damage happens to occur, it can be repaired on site. Usually without having to replace all of the material. 

Inconspicuous Joins:

When pieces of Corian are glued together, they are done so that the seams are virtually invisible to the naked eye, allow for a smooth seamless look. 

Environmentally Friendly: 

Quoting from Corian's website "both the material itself and the adhesives and sealants used to install it are Green Guard Indoor Air Quality Certified for producing low VOC emissions as well as being Green Tag certified." 

Manufacturing in agreement with these strict standards allows Corian to limit waste and energy consumption at all stages of production and install, and throughout the live of your outdoor kitchen. 


LimeTree Alfresco Melbourne

LimeTree Alfresco Melbourne  

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