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Top 8 Most Popular Outdoor Kitchen Cabinet Colours - 2018

Posted by Natalee Chiodo on 7/19/18 6:56 PM

 Deciding which colour to choose for your outdoor kitchen cabinets can be tough! There’s a lot to choose from. What’s going to look great? What isn’t going to date? What will the whole family love?

 From classic white to contemporary shades of grey and loads in between, choosing your cabinet colours can be tricky. We’ve studied the sales data and listed below the Top 8 Colours our customers have chosen this year. Which one is your favourite?


If you love a matte finish to your cabinets then our ACP Matte range will have something you’ll love. With 13 colours in stock ranging from pure white to jet black, the top 2 client favourites from the range are Steel Grey and Black. Each colour available will add a unique look to any kitchen and are both timeless and perfect for outdoor spaces.



If you love the look of a metallic finish then our ACP Metallic range is for you. With 6 striking colours, any colour you choose will certainly help your kitchen to stand out and add an unmissable ‘wow’ factor. The top colour choice for 2018 is definitely the Charcoal. While all of them look fantastic, Charcoal is preferred for its striking depth of colour!



The ACP Pearl range offers 4 classic shades that blend perfectly with nature to make any outdoor kitchen look amazing! Our favourite in this range is definitely Blue Grey but any choice from this range will impress. The Pearl Finish, like the metallics, give the cabinets a depth to the colour that creates something a bit different.




The warm look of timber never seems to get old and with our ACP timber range you’ll be spoilt for choice. Finally a realistic timber finish in a durable hard wearing material. With 6 unique looks you’re sure to find one that will suit your outdoor kitchen design. The top 2 preferred colours by clients this year have been Vintage Allspice and Sydney Spotted Gum for their warm, inviting finish.



Lastly we have the range of Perspex cabinet colours with the top performers being Mineral Grey and Midnight Black. This affordable range of cabinets is durable and long lasting and a popular choice for many of our clients. Whichever colour you choose you can’t go wrong!


Weber Summit E660 BBQ Matte Black Corian White Jasmine Outdoor Kitchen

Which colour cabinets do you prefer for your outdoor kitchen? For more great ideas or to get a quote please visit our website – www.limetreealfresco.com.au.


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