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Wood Fire Pizza Ovens: Ultimate Guide

Posted by Kaitlyn Rogers on 6/28/17 6:30 PM

Are wood fire pizza ovens worth it?  The answer to this is yes and no.

There's an undeniable quality in having a wood fire oven, that much is undisputed. 

The sight, sound and warmth of a wood fire oven is an experience in and of itself. A unique cooking experience that offers mouth watering results for many years to come. Of all the wood fired ovens available in the market, how will you know which model will meet not only your requirements but also your expectations?

This post will be an ultimate guide.

A breakdown of what exactly goes into owning a wood fire oven, from start to finish and everything in between. Its our hope that in all this information you'll have what you'll need to answer your questions and find out if a pizza oven is right for you and your outdoor kitchen.

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Outdoor Kitchens: Frequently Asked Questions

Posted by Kaitlyn Rogers on 4/19/17 7:30 PM

Do I need an Alfresco Rangehood?

This questions answer depends entirely on your location and conditions.

A BBQ requires an alfresco rangehood which is very different to a conventional rangehood. These units are generally a semi-commercial unit with more than one motor and will need to move a minimum of 2000m3 per hour. Filters are made to a higher specification and plastic components found in a conventional rangehood are replaced with metal parts. Because of this they come at a premium price point.

A rangehood can be retro fitted after the installation of the Outdoor Kitchen, as long as there is a structure to fix to and an available power supply. If you are unsure it's a good idea to see how your BBQ performs without one. If grease and smoke become an issue then you can always install a unit down the track. If you have open walls and adequate ventilation, then you may find a rangehood is not required.

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