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What To Include In Your Outdoor Kitchens [ Part One ]

Posted by Kaitlyn Rogers on 8/9/17 6:30 PM

The basic requirements of any outdoor kitchens are pretty well known to most people. Especially in Australia, its commonplace to have some kind of barbecuing area out the back of most peoples homes.

However, we've seen a lot of people forget that your outdoor kitchen holds much more possibility than just a good barbecue and maybe a fridge.

When designing a custom outdoor kitchen, all the alternatives available can be lost or forgotten in the process with some easily overwhelmed with too many choices, to others simply not knowing about an option all together. 

So we're beginning a series of things both common and extravagant to bring light to some of the things available you can have in your own alfresco if you decide to go the custom route. 



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